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Automatic Cat Water Fountain with LED Lights

  • Holds 2.4L/80oz of water: This 2.4L cat fountain is enough to keep refills sparse.. 80oz (2.4L) Large Capacity meets the needs of small and medium-sized pets for 3-7 days, so you don’t need to replenish water that often.
  • Entices your cat to drink more water: This cat water fountain has 3 drinking modes: Flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain for your cat to choose. The adjustable flow modes encourage curiosity and attract pets so that they are more likely to drink more.
  • Super quiet <40Db:  The water re-circulation system brings ultra-quite performance. Even when it’s working, a low-voltage submersible pump( low power consumption of 2 Watts) helps provide a quiet operation, it stays below 40 decibels.
  • 100% safe materials (BPA-Free): The pet water fountain is made from food-grade material, BPA free PP resin, 304 stainless steel tray, which is safer and more durable than plastic cat fountain. The 360° design allows your cats to drink from the fountain at any side, perfect for multi-pet families.
  • Design: Transparent Water Level equipped with extra LED light, you can always be aware of how much water spares - even at night. Also thanks to built-in LED light that will flash a red light when it's time to top-it up again.


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