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Dog Chew Toys



  • Category:  All of them are long and have no filler, suitable for various dog breeds. Is a unique design on the market, very suitable for your pet to play.
  • Features: The toy is made of high-quality plush, which is very soft and skin-friendly and will not cause pets to suffocate. It can always keep pets in a safe state when chewing or playing.
  • Function: When the head and tail are touched, it will make a sound, which can arouse the interest of pets, create hours of fun for your dog, and bring boring interactive toys to the dog.
  • Strong and durable: The toy design is strong and durable. The thicker fabric and better stitching effect make these dog toys more durable for the dog's chewing and playing. Because of the screaming, the dog will not only focus on a skinny Toys come to tear. In addition, no filling design can make these toys last longer.
  • Cleaning: Our plush toys can be machine-washed with confidence, it is recommended to play under supervision and replace damaged toys in time.
  • Package includes 1 piece


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