Dog Squeaking Doughnut Toy

  • Diameter: Outer Diameter:11cm; Inner Diameter: 3cm
  • Material: The Pet Dog Toy is made of plush material, lovely donuts shaped, it is great for your pet dog to play or chew. Includes squeakers and crunchy filler, pups love to bite it
  • Bone design dog toy - Very appropriate for dogs to play with
  • Weight: 20 g
  • Package includes 1 piece.



Chew Toys
Stimulate your puppies mind and reduce boredom and destructive behavior
Alleviate anxiety and stress
Keep a chew toy by them at night so they fell less alone and scared

Squeaky Toys
Encourage play in your puppy providing exercise and release excess energy
Stimulate your dog’s natural behaviors
Motivate your puppy to enjoy training and focus on you
An exciting and fun reward for your puppies good behavior
Help prevent boredom and loneliness when left alone with an interactive squeaky toy

Plush Teddies
Alleviate feelings of loneliness and fear when sleeping at night
Puppies love to cuddle up to soft toys when tired


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