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Flying Saucer Dog Toy

  • Soft and Safe to Play: The dog flying disc is made of reliable silicone material, which is reliable and safe for your dog to bite, and not easy to hurt the dog's teeth, making the fetching process softer and forgiving for your dog; It also has a strong compressive resistance and resilience force that is not easy to deform or break, allowing your dog to play for a long time.
  • Colorful and Design: The floating design can avoid the puppy flyer toys falling into the water and sinking, making it possible for dogs to play with toys in the water.
  • Farther Flight Effect: The silicone dog flying disc adopt a reasonable shape of flying saucer, which is flat and that can effectively reduce the air resistance and wind resistance when flying in the air, then fly higher and farther, making your dog have more fun.
  • Concave Convex Design: The concave convex design on the surface of the soft dog floating saucer makes your dog better bite when throwing and don't worry about falling off frequently, and it is also suitable for children to use in flying disc sports.
  • Response Faster Training: The soft floating flying disk can train your dog to fast react, boost your dog's instinctive needs and encourage a lot of healthy exercises; In addition, during the gripping process, your dog will cultivate his alertness and dexterity, benefiting for health.
  • Package includes 1 piece.
  • Diameter 18 cm


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