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Interactive Dog Chew Toy

  • SAFETY & DURABILITY: This chew toys is made of bite resistant thermoplastic rubber material (TPR), which is environmentally friendly, safe, and harmless. This dog chewing toys is suitable for small medium and large dogs. 
  • EFFECTIVELY CLEAN TEETH: The dog chew toys are designed for cleaning dog's tooth by itself. Apply toothpaste or attractant on the tooth cleaning channel to attract the dog's interest, Dogs brush their teeth while playing it can effectively clean teeth. 
  • INTERESTING VOCAL TOYS: Helps effectively clean teeth and control tartar and plaque growth, promote your dog's strong jaws squeaky dog toys create fun sounds during chewing, provide long-lasting engagement making chewing more exciting for dogs. 
  • EFFECTIVE ANXIETY REDUCTION: The fun toys they can attract pets attention to prevent damage to furniture and clothes at home, free their boredom and relieve anxiety or frustration, can helps dog solve separation anxiety, molar, boredom, and more!
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS DOG TYPES: This product is suitable to small, medium and large dogs in any breeds (includes ferocious dogs). Dog chew toys molar stick rope toy TPR tough interactive able to make the dog with sound dental teeth oral care for various dog types. 
  • Package includes 1 piece


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