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Interactive Scratching Cat Ball

  • Material: Made of natural sisal toy cat scratches, natural non-allergic, cute appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, can best attract the attention of cats, cats are good companions to play at home.
  • Cat entertainment: The sisal ball toy specially designed for cats allows cats to spend lonely and boring time at home. The high-quality sisal material is safe and tasteless to protect the health of cats.
  • Claw grinding: The toy can also act as a cat scratching board, which is in line with the cat's love of scratching, avoids the cat scratching the furniture, exercises the cat's claws, and promotes the healthy growth of the cat.
  • Exercise: Cat toys will help your indoor cat flip, jump, scratch, chase. Great way to energize your cat and get more exercise to keep your cat free and happy! Suitable for kittens and cats of all ages and sizes!
  • Companionship: When you have to leave the house to work or go out, a ball toy can keep your pet from being alone when lonely and bored.
  • Package includes 1 piece.


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