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Sound Catnip Toy

  • High-quality fabrics: Do you want your cat to have more fun? Our catnip cat toy is a very good choice. This cat toy is made of high-quality short plush fabric and sponge filling. It is very soft and will not harm your cats paw.
  • Cute cat toy: The cat design toy looks very cute, it will make you and your kitten full of fun. It is the best toy for your cute cat, so don't miss such a good opportunity to have a friendly interaction with your dear cat!
  • The perfect kitty companion: We specially filled catnip in the cat toy, and we choose a more breathable fabric, so that your cat can easily smell the catnip, and also make your cat like to play with them more.
  • Durable & safe: The catnip cat toy has a small and cute design, which is convenient for cats to bite and scratch. It can also be used as a cat pillow. The inner side is filled with PP cotton, folds, and catnip. 
  • Interactive chew toys: Cute toys can help your cat reduce loneliness and keep them active. Your cat will play, scratch and chew on these fun toys. While chewing, your cat can clean its teeth to some extent.


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